Amateur Radio Video (11 min) English

This is the full version of the documentary « Amateur Radio » which lasts 11 minutes.

The video lasts 11 min. 05 sec. This video is in hommage to the world of Amateur Radio.
Available in DVD 15$ or High Definition Blu-Ray 20$ delivery included.
English and French version included.

For information:


Our mission

The mission of the Amateur Radio Club VE2CWQ is to compile meteorological observations during violent weather
periods by holding the Canwarn-Quebec Weather Net by using 6 repeater stations belonging to the Amateur Radio
Club VE2CWQ, or by via Echo-Link.

The meteorological conditions compiled during the Net’s are then sent to Environment Canada for there database.

The Amateur Radio Club VE2CWQ operates the weather net’s in and around the Greater Montreal Area.

What we do

  • Holding conferences and promoting Canwarn-Quebec in Hamfest’s.
  • Participating in information sceance’s with Environment Canada.
  • Participating in Emergency Measure simulation’s with cities.
  • Field Day’s (International Communication’s in HF mode).
  • Updating our internet site with meteorological conditions.
  • Collaboration with other Amateur Radio clubs during diverse activities.
  • Video productions for Amateur Radio.
  • Promoting Amateur radio in general.